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My Comment About Feilunhai

My Comment About Feilunhai
       At this post i will comment about Feilunhai. And also i will comment what i like about Fahrenheit. I really like Fahrenheit because they are so handsome,especially Jiro Wang. First i saw him was at Momo Love. He looked so cute there. Then i know that Jiro Wang is Fahrenheit's member. Then i watched Romantic Princess and i saw Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. I like Romantic Princess's OST then i download it. From that i know Fahrenheit. At first i dont know Aaron Yan,but my sister told me. Then i became falling in love with them . Not just that,Fahrenheit's song is good. At the song got the "FEEL" the songs are full of hope. Really good. And one again i really love about them. That is their relationship. Their relationship is so good like brother. They do the activity together. I like when see 4 of them sing together. Okay,there are my comment about them.

  • Wu Chun: He is look quiet and kind. He is so handsome like other member. Wu Chun looked like a shy boy. He is "COOL"
  • Aaron Yan: Aaron look quiet and kind like Wu Chun. But he was a litle a bit different. Looked that he sometime was got really funny. He is "COLD but FUNNY"
  • Calvin Chen: He is look kind and warm. Calvin is Girls Ideal Type for boyfriend. You know,warm,humoris,handsome,can protect girls (but all Fahrenheit's member are ideal type for girls right?) Looked from his face,he is very funny,a moodmaker of Fahrenheit. If Fahrenheit dont have him,i bet,Fahrenheit was so quiet. He is"WARM"
  • Jiro Wang: He is the Fahrenheit's member that i really love and like! He is handsome,cute,a kind boy. Maybe he is like Calvin Chen,very funny and humoris. It looks from his face. He is amazing in my eyes. And you know he is hot and sexy. I love him so much! He is "HOT"
   Okay thats all my comments about Feilunhai. Thanks for seeing. Good Luck :)

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