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Wu Chun Denies Starting Business In Hong Kong

                                    Raymond Wong, Louis Koo, Tonny, Wu Chun, Wu Jing
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With many hunks like Louis Koo Tin Lok, Wu Chun and Wu Jing, the film MAGIC TO WIN (HOI SUM MOR FAT) yesterday held a press conference. Producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming would also appear in the film. The event also arranged for the magician in the film to perform. Wu Chun denied planning to purchase property in Hong Kong and joked that for work to fly all over and stayed at hotels, he did not have any real home.
Yesterday many of the film's stars appeared as Koo Tin Lok, Wu Chun, Wu Jing, Yan Ni and producer Wong Pak Ming attended. The event also arranged for Japan's magician of the year Tonny to demonstrate magic. Wong Pak Ming announced the good news that the film has already been sold the distribution rights to many regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, the U.S., Canada and the U.K. In addition, the film also had a mysterious new comer as its female lead. The host asked why Wong Pak Ming asked Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi to make a movie instead of a new comer. Wong Pak Ming stressed that it was only a genre issue. He said, "I look for different actors for different series. Earlier ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (JUI KEUNG HEI SI) comedy used big names, HAPPY GHOST (HOI SUM GWAI) used new comers. This time MAGIC TO WIN is no exception. This film has many young girls and is a youth magic comedy."

As for Wu Jing he revealed in the film had some "environmental friendly action" with Wu Chun. Since it was not the usual type it was rather difficult. Later Wu Chun and Wu Jing were interviewed together, Wu Chun revealed that for his first film of this genre it was very fresh and interesting. Speaking of his father coming to Hong Kong earlier, Wu Chun pointed out that his father only stayed for two or three days. Wu Chun said, "Because I have been working on movies we haven't seen each other for two months!" He stressed that this time he returned to Brunei more to be with his family and not with a child.
As for buying a home in Hong Kong, Wu Chun said, "I don't know! So far I still don't have such an idea. In Hong Kong I stay in a hotel too. I have to fly back and forth and have no real home. (Would you open a store in Hong Kong?) I am busy with making movies now, I hope to have time to run a business and I would like to run it myself more." Wu Chun denied rumors that he planned to open a bakery in Hong Kong. Wu Chun pointed out that he did not. He also said, "I like bread, in Hong Kong I have had many different type of bread." Would he stay more time in Hong Kong after leaving Fahrenheit? He reiterated that he would spend more time on making movies just like before. Will Fahrenheit reunite again? He said, "Let's see what the company coordinates. This year I don't have time."

Wu Jing revealed that this time he did not play a villain. He said, "This time I didn't have to die, but I had to fight so it was very hard." Speaking of his "environmental friendly action" in the film, Wu Jing stressed that this time was more artificial. Goo Jai said that the female lead still had to be kept confidential. He and she only had scenes together at the end. Goo Jai also pointed out that this was a magic film, in the film he had the ability to tell the future. Did he ask the magician for advice? He said, "He taught me how to make a ring disappear. (Would you learn it for a marriage proposal?) That's good too." Goo Jai also said that before getting into the business he went to a psychic who predicted that he would break his leg, which finally came true last year during a film production. He said, "If the prediction is bad I have awhile to be scared, I believe in relying on my hard work."

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Wu Zun Denies Hidden Marriage and Children

(Wu Zun denies marriage hidden children)

Red Net July 11 (Reporter Zhu Qing six months have passed from Fahrenheit solo, alone break the entertainment Chun July 11 debut for the new play Changsha <<Sunshine Angel>> Hunan Satellite TV broadcasting in the rally. Compared to early together with the group several times before the appearance, Wu Zun a lot of words seem rich for previously been married and came to 退出娱乐圈 inherited his father, Wu Zun to accept Red Net Entertainment interview denied all rumors and said while he Fahrenheit also revealed that miss the same stage show time: 'The only company now needs to be cooperation between the communication would be more complicated.

Family: to take over the family business does not consider 退出娱乐圈

In the idol drama, the wealthy son of Wu Chun and very deep roots, <<the sun angel>>, he also played more than gold men again in life, Wu Zun family called the richest man in Brunei, a prominent family background involved in various fields, Chuang entertainment purely personal interests. media said earlier there, leave Fahrenheit Wu Zun will gradually 退出娱乐圈, should inherit the family business his father asked for his family, does not deny that Wu Zun rich: 'My family is pretty good I am also very pleased to grow up in this environment. '

But for the 退出娱乐圈 inherit his father, Wu Zun immediately denied: 'That's all hearsay, I have not thought about this matter, in the first half did not take too much work is to have more time with his family, but in the second half are have a full file. 'Chun also said that advanced age of the father does not interfere for their own career:' I do not object to his artists, just worry about my Health as his father, he wanted me to help him career, I have to go earlier to help, but I have my own things, not always at his side. My father is a very devoted person, he can take care of himself.

Feelings: 'son' was exposed three years ago

Has been considered a thirty year old Wu Zun on the older boys, emotional problems become the focus in recent days, there broke the news media in Taiwan have a perfect appearance, he had long been married and have two children, the talk about feelings, Wu Zun immediately Renxiao more than: 'Taiwan media reported that two children photographed as early as three years ago have, for which I personally feel there is not much, but the company has to find a lawyer does not want to stop these false reports. '

Has been insulated with the scandal, Wu Zun respect very strong desire for the family, and that this is the best part of life: 'But can revel, not force.' He smiled and said, as far away as Brunei's father for his feeling very anxious: 'My father will be looking forward to when I get married, have children, I also understand that if I were Dad, I will be anxious child's feelings, but only go with the flow.'

Solo: do not resist the occasional cooperation with the members of Fahrenheit
From the debut so far, is no stranger to Wu Zun for Changsha, however, is a singer more than the earlier sea combined with the flywheel promote the new album, this is the first appearance in a personal capacity. Solo has a few months, the appearance of the Wu Zun from time to time with the actors to define the current status for solo career plan, will be video-based Wu Zun admitted: 'The actors are the main part, the main focus will be in here. singing, unclear, and the flywheel co-members of the sea for so long, and occasionally will still work together. '

For many years the military has become a combination of solo Wu Zun said that does not affect the feelings: 'In fact, before our group is four of their filming, made music together, and now is no different.' But not to renew his former club, he also admitted and the other members of the co-operation than before the troubles of many: 'I will miss the four living together, kind of miss the feeling of performing with the present record whether the issue has not thought of together, but if the opportunity to perform together, I am willing, but the company and something of a convergence of communication, would be more complicated. '

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For Shared

Hi,i will share some photos of Jiro Wang and Fahrenheit :) I got it from Weibo,thanks :)

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Thousands appeared at Wu Chun’s first solo fan meet

Taiwanese heartthrob Wu Chun, who is currently in the midst of filming for his new movie Happy Magic, took a few days of to meet his fans in Japan.

Being his first solo fan meet after his departure from Taiwanese all-male pop group Fahrenheit, "~CHUN ZONE FANMEETING 2011~" saw the attendance of more than a thousand fans.

When interviewed, the actor revealed that he was originally scheduled for a meet-and-greet, as well as an autograph session with his fans. However, he later requested for organizers to cancel the autograph session as he wanted a more intimate session with them, hoping to remember the faces of his supporters.

During his stay in Japan, the actor also made shopped and reportedly spent close to NT$200,000 (about SGD$8,500) in half a day.

In other related news, the Brunei-born actor denied speculations which stated that he was already married with a daughter.

At the same time, former group mate Calvin Chen was also rumoured to have registered for marriage with his Malaysian girlfriend of six years. Calvin clarified the news through his manager and denied the rumour by saying, "Please don't do this to me. I still want a girlfriend!"

Aaron Yan Upset About Hurting Incident

A series of unfortunate events have been trailing the Taiwanese band, Fahrenheit. One of which was when Aaron Yan was reportedly on the verge of beating up a fan after he hurled a lighter and splashed water at the singer, according to Xin MSN website. 

However, at an event in Hong Kong, Aaron denied the report and said, "I am really saddened by the incident. Although I understand that all fans will try their best to protect their idol, I hope that they can be a little more rational and less aggressive." 

In another matter, when asked if his solo career caused an internal conflict amongst the group, Aaron shared that going solo does not mean that Fahrenheit will be disbanding. 

At the same time, Aaron had reportedly stopped following group member Calvin Chen posts on his micro blog, which sparked rumours of them not getting along. 

In response to this, Aaron said, "When we first started using micro blog, it was more for promotional purposes. We have stopped following one another's micro blog to avoid unnecessary problems. Everyone should not take this too seriously."