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[Interview] Aaron Yan : Trend Is That People Do Not Like The Same Thing.

Five years time was enough to soar Fahrenheit's four boys grow into men. Five years time enough for them to understand what they have to do their own in the end. Always claimed that they may go solo but will not dissolve, but now Aaron is no longer bound by the old rule of combination , and cut off the lovely hair, put on a stylish full shape, even a small make up for his smoky look, again surged to the singer's identity with his own solo album, "The Next Aaron" 《下一个炎亚纶》 in everyone's sight. 

 "I still do not speak much", "finally have the opportunity to make people listen to me sing," and " 6 songs with six kinds of style, are in my heart to sing." Almost every interview he said these few sentences, then become a butterfly behind which always have a pain. He used his voice to talk with the people, "I am waiting for the next me, to challenge the me now."

A : Aaron

Y : Recently, you filmed the last MV , is there any new plans ? Or , Is the album will have a new MV ?
A : The recent focus is on the new album, "The Next Aaron" propaganda, the company has plans to shoot new film and is in the talks, very soon will have a new work presented to you .

Y : I heard that you have a variety of musical instruments, are they all for your own interest of learning?
A : This is basically because I'm very fond of music, hoping to have my very own creation, so I'm learning all these instruments.

Y: How do you usually prefer the style of dress?
A: I usually have the same for out and home, but more relaxed comfortable.

Y: I heard you like to eat a variety of snacks, you do more exercise to consume it?
A: Haha, you even know this fact better, exercise is a must to do, I think the most important thing to keep fit is to press on (keep going).

Y: For the future what is in your plan?
A: The future will certainly still be more development in the music, of course,drama, hosting and other areas will be also involved.

Y: What feature of you, do you think your fans gets attracted to you?
A: Haha, I said to myself this is strange, but I think it may be because I was lucky , of course, also like to thank so much support for my fans.

Y : In the Future, will more mainland development (work)?
A : Ah Sure, I like mainland , especially to eat, haha, I hope to have more opportunities for work in there.

Y : Talk about your views on pop culture ?
A : I think the trend is people don't like the same thing, each person's understanding is different, it is difficult to define a standard, so you have to find your own feeling about what is the current way of life.

Aaron Yan Teased Chun : "When Did You Become A Father"? Fahrenheit's Reunion Was Worth More Than Sight Seeing.

Two months since Fahrenheit became one less, they appear together on stage for the first time in Tainan to promote Taiwan tourism, and even though Wu Chun is now officially flying solo, he still interacted with Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang and Arron Yan, and was still a focus of attention.
Previously it was reported that Wu Chun was "one against three", with his endorsement fees not losing to "three-wheeled" Fahrenheit. Yesterday he curtly said, "I won't talk about that. I don't want to compare who has more money." As for the frequently-rumored-to-be-not-getting-along Arron Yan and Jiro Wang, whose fans once waged war against each other online, Calvin Chen diplomatically said, "It was probably just fans trying to protect their idols." Wu Chun who was also rumored to be married with children, Arron Yan teased him, "When did you become a "producer" (father)?"

Yelling Fahrenheit with the others, Wu Chun doesn't feel strange

"Hello everyone, we are Fahrenheit!" Even though Wu Chun has already left the group, but yesterday during the press conference for Taiwan Tourism, Wu Chun said these words together with the other three. When asked if it felt weird, Wu Chun said, "Weird? We said these words for 5, 6 years already!" Arron Yan also added, "The four of us have been together for such a long time, we also need time to adjust (to the new situation). After all, we're not faking our friendship." As for the repeatedly mentioned phrase "quit the group" referring to Wu Chun, Calvin Chen said, "To say he quit the group is too harsh. We still can work together." At the end of September and early October, Fahrenheit will once again be four people to promote Taiwan tourism in Japan.

Da Dong urged by his mom to marry, Wu Chun refuses to speak about rumors

Jiro Wang likes worshipping festivals, so when he had to introduce scenic spots in Taiwan, he didn't forget to recommend the matchmaker's temple. Did he also promise to seek a bride this way? He said, "My mother also hopes I get married and have kids as soon as possible, urging me to get married." Arron Yan joked, "Luckily it's just urging to get married, not urging to have kids."

On the subject of having children, even though Wu Chun heard, he didn't understand Arron Yan's mention of "producer". But regarding his own rumors of having kids, he said, "I've already said it before. I don't want to talk about it again." However, referring to maybe someday his own children will be star chasers, Wu Chun said, "Idols can be good influences on children. If the child is responsible and will do his/her homework first, then OK!" Calvin Chen said, "Then can he/she be my fan?" Wu Chun said, "If it's you, then I will consider it."

Yesterday, Wu Chun said that he texted the other three, telling them about his idea to leave Fahrenheit, and they understood. The four guys all hope that others won't compare their endorsement fees, as they said that each of them earns his own money fairly.

"Not a fake friendship": Fahrenheit reunite on stage to promote Taiwan Tourism, rake in 30 million TWD

In June of this year, because Wu Chun has declared his intention not to sing with the group, HIM International Records officially announced that Wu Chun has left Fahrenheit. Fans were shocked and confused, and played a blame game online, even tossing a lighter towards Arron Yan. Yesterday, Arron Yan admitted, "Those first days following the announcement were really hard to take, and even texted Wu Chun to ask him about it. "We didn't fake our friendship and just pretended to be good friends on stage these past five years. With what happened recently, all four of us need time to adjust."
Now that Wu Chun's flying solo has become fact, Calvin Chen said, "Public life is public, private life is private. Our management and handlers are now different, but the four of us still have opportunities to work together."

Yesterday, the four held a fan meeting to promote Taiwan tourism, attracting more than a thousand fans from Japan and Korea, and taking in an estimated 30 million TWD in tourism revenues. Even Wu Chun was the first to start their introduction by saying "We are Fahrenheit." After officially flying solo, he has once again uttered these words. Did it feel weird? Wu Chun laughed and said, "I've said these words for five years. How can it be weird to say it again?"

But the friction between management companies is already evident behind the scenes. For example, because they don't have the same assistant, hairstylist, and make-up artist, there was an army of staff members at the venue. To this, Calvin Chen humorously conceded, "Well at least we use the same lounge." He even joked that until the day all four guys use separate nanny cars, the media will again make an issue about it.

Having been Tourism Ambassadors for 3 years, and each year breaking 80 million, the Tourism Bureau said, "They are very close, and suitable for the job. Whether Wu Chun is still recording with Fahrenheit or not, does not affect their job as Tourism Ambassadors."

Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Calvin Chen and Weng Tzymann to host Next TV’s entertainment news show

“Apple Entertainment News” (蘋果娛樂新聞) will be premiering on the 29th; its grand cast of seven hosts went to set their wardrobe styles yesterday which included Calvin Chen, Smile Weng TzymannJing WongYuan Ai-FeiJRCynthia Wang, and Vickie. Calvin Chen arrived early at 12:30pm, but spent two hours fixing his hair. His partner Tzymann waited patiently for him and as soon as he entered the studio, he joked, “I was afraid that my nipples would show, so I had to adjust my boobs.” Then he explained, “Guys care most about their hair.”

As a perfectionist, Calvin gave a lot of suggestions to his hairstylist, and also concentrated a lot on his eye makeup. He closely faced the mirror and carefully applied his double-eyelid tape. Just when he was about done, he decided to redo his hair. Even the female stars can’t stand his pickiness. Calvin defended himself, “It’s because today is the first day so I tried two different styles. I wanted to see which one looked better.”

Tzymann plans to try new roles in showbiz this year and she just signed on to co-host “Apple Entertainment” yesterday. She expressed, “Besides it is something new to try, they’re willing to accommodate me on my schedule, which was the biggest deciding factor.” For the show, Tzymann will be partnering up with Calvin and Jing Wong on different days. The moment she saw Calvin, she said, “It’s quite interesting, the first MV I filmed was Fahrenheit’s!” Calvin described Tzymann, “She was very youthful before, now there is a tint of maturity. Since we’ve worked together before, we already know how we’re like and each other’s personality.”

The seven hosts will all be doing the show in pairs. When asked if they would feel pressured about show ratings, they all answered, “Showbiz has always been ruthless. Anyhow, if we don’t see someone the next time, it just means that he or she was eliminated.”

Jiro Wang shows that he is a good man,will design accessories for his partner

Jiro Wang who is turning 30 this year, shows that he is a good man

Pretty models help out

Sohu Entertainment: 17 Aug 2011

The man confirms his life direction at 30. Jiro Wang, who is turning 30 this year, is unable to fulfill his wish of being married with children by 30 years old. However, he still showed that he was a good man, rejecting his mom's proposal to have children before marriage, and has already thought about designing accessories such as rings and necklaces for his other half in the future. He also did not forget to announce the good news of opening his first clothing store in Shanghai, and explain about Fahrenheit's disbandment. 

Taiwanese idol Jiro Wang (Dadong) specially came to Hong Kong to attend a promotion event for "Taiwan Brands Show", attracting more than 100 fans. The event arranged 7 bodyguards for him, and also invited two pretty models, Chen Jing and Ah Dan, to give him a cake and celebrate his 30th birthday in advance (his birthday is on 24 August). Fans downstage took the initiative to have a mass singing of a birthday song and the mood was very lively.

This birthday, Jiro has already prepared a large gift for himself. Between September and October, he will be opening his own clothing shop in Shanghai. Although this is a joint investment with his friends, he is not worried about falling out over money. While the accounting must be clear, he is not so calculating. When asked if he wants to have a girlfriend, he did not deny it and said that he also wished to have one soon. He has always wished to be married with children by 30 years old; it's a pity that he won't be able to fulfill this wish. He also revealed that not only does his mother press him every year, she even suggested for him to have a child before marriage. But he feels that it is a must to be married first. Jiro, who is currently designing for his own brand, also said that he would want to design accessories such as rings and necklaces for his other half when he has a girlfriend in the future. Does it mean that he would design underwear for his girlfriend? He expressed that he has not thought about or planned to design female underwear, not because he is scared of the awkwardness, but because this kind of design requires expertise. If there is a need in the future, even if it's awkward, he would also break through it.

There will be a fan meeting at Tainan on the 20th of this month, signaling Fahrenheit's first reunion since disbandment. Regarding this, he stressed that Fahrenheit is a brand, and is also a platform for the four of them to do music together, and also have individual works in other areas, so they have never disbanded, and there's no need to disband.

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Aaron Yan Daring The Chase

Chun: He has that type of impulse, daring to try anything. Sometimes we would think a lot, but he wouldn't, he's the bravest one within us.

Jiro: If it's something that he wants, he will do whatever it takes to get it.

Calvin: Aaron is a little kid, he's very real, and won't beat around the bush.

Gaze, is what catches our attention the most. His gaze is very mesmerizing, sharp, sensitive, as if something mysterious is waiting for you, making people eager to discover it. It could be dangerous, but very exciting at the same time. Like his gaze, his personality is sweet with a bit of devilness, having the youth of a teen, and the sexiness of a man, it is said that this can be very lethal.

At the same time, his real "weapon" is his soul, like a secret kept deep inside his heart: Someday to be able to create his dream of "melody of the soul". Regardless of looking from which angle, he is not the average person, this is a person who can give people surprise and destruction, give you the things that you least expected.

MU = Men's Uno

mu: What's the most common remark you get from people?
Aaron: Cute, and cool. Actually, I hope they would say "Your singing has improved", so that we can make a breakthrough from appearance.

mu: Use a phrase to describe yourself?
Aaron: Can I put two totally unrelated words together? The "soul" from spirit, "melody" from song, I really like these two words, it's quite strange.

mu: You have a sharp gaze when facing the camera, how do you do it?
Aaron: I just stare at the center point of the camera, I need to see past that lens, I have to see through the director's eyes. The video camera is cold, so you need to overpower it.

mu: Which is your favorite song in the newest album?
Aaron: "Dong Mai", it's very different than the fast songs we've sung in the past, the more you listen to it, the more you'll like it.

mu: What have you changed or remained the same after you've entered the entertainment circle?
Aaron: What remains the same since I first entered this circle is that I want to show my unique personality and charisma, want to touch the audience off stage with a song, making them follow my happiness and follow my tears, this is what I've always wanted to do, and I've always been determined to do; What's changed is the way I handle people and situations. In the past, I was more straight forward, and can easily mess with other people.

mu: What's your goal in the entertainment circle?
Aaron: I have an ideal, to become a professional singer like Eason Chan or Jacky Cheung.

mu: What talent do you hope to have the most?
Aaron: Hope to have a lot of inspirations to write songs.

mu: Which female do you admire?
Aaron: Angelina Jolie. I really admire the charisma that she brings out from her movement, that type of feeling has already reached the spiritual level.

mu: Which male do you admire?
Aaron: Jay Chou. He is able to be himself within the entertainment circle and be accepted, this is not easy.

mu: Tell us a little weird habit you have in your daily life?
Aaron: I would make double-eyelids when doing photoshoots.

mu: Recommend one of your favorite movies?
Aaron: "Twlight", vampire series, talking about altruistic true love.

mu: How do you view men's style?
Aaron: I think style has something to do with inner beauty, even if you have the best figure, without inner manner and inner beauty, no matter what you wear, you won't be able to show that type of feeling. 

Wu Chun And Vic Chou To Combine In New Movie

Zai Zai (Vic Chou) got a new haircut and seemed during a press discussion for his arriving movie, “忠烈楊家將” (Saving General Yang). After some complete equine float training, Zai Zai has turn most stronger, though he laughed, “After roving on a equine for 3 days, it unequivocally felt like we was walking with my legs widespread apart.”

It’s Zai Zai and Wu Chun’s initial time collaborating, that many expect to see. Producer Raymond Wong and executive Ronny Yu also suggested expel members of a film during a press con; Adam Cheng, who will play a primogenitor of a Yang clan, Yang Ling-Gong; Louis KooYu Bo, Vic Chou, Chen Li,Raymond Lam, Wu Chun, Fu Xin Bo will play a 7 sons of a Yang clan. However, Louis recently had a leg injury, so it’s not certain either it will impact his filming or not.

Zai Zai’s character, a third son, is an consultant in crawl and arrow and equine riding. His impression needs to be means to collect adult arrows from a belligerent while roving on a horse. Zai Zai voiced that it feels like he is being strike mixed times by a Chiropractor when roving on a horse. Wu Chun, who will be personification a sixth son, common his aptness knowledge with Zai Zai and a others.