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Jiro Wang shows that he is a good man,will design accessories for his partner

Jiro Wang who is turning 30 this year, shows that he is a good man

Pretty models help out

Sohu Entertainment: 17 Aug 2011

The man confirms his life direction at 30. Jiro Wang, who is turning 30 this year, is unable to fulfill his wish of being married with children by 30 years old. However, he still showed that he was a good man, rejecting his mom's proposal to have children before marriage, and has already thought about designing accessories such as rings and necklaces for his other half in the future. He also did not forget to announce the good news of opening his first clothing store in Shanghai, and explain about Fahrenheit's disbandment. 

Taiwanese idol Jiro Wang (Dadong) specially came to Hong Kong to attend a promotion event for "Taiwan Brands Show", attracting more than 100 fans. The event arranged 7 bodyguards for him, and also invited two pretty models, Chen Jing and Ah Dan, to give him a cake and celebrate his 30th birthday in advance (his birthday is on 24 August). Fans downstage took the initiative to have a mass singing of a birthday song and the mood was very lively.

This birthday, Jiro has already prepared a large gift for himself. Between September and October, he will be opening his own clothing shop in Shanghai. Although this is a joint investment with his friends, he is not worried about falling out over money. While the accounting must be clear, he is not so calculating. When asked if he wants to have a girlfriend, he did not deny it and said that he also wished to have one soon. He has always wished to be married with children by 30 years old; it's a pity that he won't be able to fulfill this wish. He also revealed that not only does his mother press him every year, she even suggested for him to have a child before marriage. But he feels that it is a must to be married first. Jiro, who is currently designing for his own brand, also said that he would want to design accessories such as rings and necklaces for his other half when he has a girlfriend in the future. Does it mean that he would design underwear for his girlfriend? He expressed that he has not thought about or planned to design female underwear, not because he is scared of the awkwardness, but because this kind of design requires expertise. If there is a need in the future, even if it's awkward, he would also break through it.

There will be a fan meeting at Tainan on the 20th of this month, signaling Fahrenheit's first reunion since disbandment. Regarding this, he stressed that Fahrenheit is a brand, and is also a platform for the four of them to do music together, and also have individual works in other areas, so they have never disbanded, and there's no need to disband.

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