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Aaron Yan Daring The Chase

Chun: He has that type of impulse, daring to try anything. Sometimes we would think a lot, but he wouldn't, he's the bravest one within us.

Jiro: If it's something that he wants, he will do whatever it takes to get it.

Calvin: Aaron is a little kid, he's very real, and won't beat around the bush.

Gaze, is what catches our attention the most. His gaze is very mesmerizing, sharp, sensitive, as if something mysterious is waiting for you, making people eager to discover it. It could be dangerous, but very exciting at the same time. Like his gaze, his personality is sweet with a bit of devilness, having the youth of a teen, and the sexiness of a man, it is said that this can be very lethal.

At the same time, his real "weapon" is his soul, like a secret kept deep inside his heart: Someday to be able to create his dream of "melody of the soul". Regardless of looking from which angle, he is not the average person, this is a person who can give people surprise and destruction, give you the things that you least expected.

MU = Men's Uno

mu: What's the most common remark you get from people?
Aaron: Cute, and cool. Actually, I hope they would say "Your singing has improved", so that we can make a breakthrough from appearance.

mu: Use a phrase to describe yourself?
Aaron: Can I put two totally unrelated words together? The "soul" from spirit, "melody" from song, I really like these two words, it's quite strange.

mu: You have a sharp gaze when facing the camera, how do you do it?
Aaron: I just stare at the center point of the camera, I need to see past that lens, I have to see through the director's eyes. The video camera is cold, so you need to overpower it.

mu: Which is your favorite song in the newest album?
Aaron: "Dong Mai", it's very different than the fast songs we've sung in the past, the more you listen to it, the more you'll like it.

mu: What have you changed or remained the same after you've entered the entertainment circle?
Aaron: What remains the same since I first entered this circle is that I want to show my unique personality and charisma, want to touch the audience off stage with a song, making them follow my happiness and follow my tears, this is what I've always wanted to do, and I've always been determined to do; What's changed is the way I handle people and situations. In the past, I was more straight forward, and can easily mess with other people.

mu: What's your goal in the entertainment circle?
Aaron: I have an ideal, to become a professional singer like Eason Chan or Jacky Cheung.

mu: What talent do you hope to have the most?
Aaron: Hope to have a lot of inspirations to write songs.

mu: Which female do you admire?
Aaron: Angelina Jolie. I really admire the charisma that she brings out from her movement, that type of feeling has already reached the spiritual level.

mu: Which male do you admire?
Aaron: Jay Chou. He is able to be himself within the entertainment circle and be accepted, this is not easy.

mu: Tell us a little weird habit you have in your daily life?
Aaron: I would make double-eyelids when doing photoshoots.

mu: Recommend one of your favorite movies?
Aaron: "Twlight", vampire series, talking about altruistic true love.

mu: How do you view men's style?
Aaron: I think style has something to do with inner beauty, even if you have the best figure, without inner manner and inner beauty, no matter what you wear, you won't be able to show that type of feeling. 

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