Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

My feelings about Wu Chun

     Okay guys,now i will tell you about my feeling about Wu Chun who had out from Fahrenheit!

    Im totally really very super SAD! Like my friends left me,yeah,its the same feeling!  I believe,all Fahrenciti was really sad and dissapointed too. But,what we can do? We just can hope that Wu Chun go back tpo Fahrenheit. But,as a good fans,we have to hope and pray,Wu Chun will find a good career at acting. And had a going time with his family too :)

    Now,Fahrenheit just only 3 people : Jiro Wang,Aaron Yan,and Calvin Chen. As a Fahrenciti,we have to support them!  Hope them can be sucsses like when them with Wu Chun :)

God Bless You all :) Enjoy yaa Fahrenciti :D

Wu Chun out from Fahrenheit

 Tonight (June 21) HIM Records confirm that a member of Fahrenheit, Wu Chun has quit the group and the future he no longer wanted a career as a singer. HIM Record respect his decision and stated that three other members, Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen and Jiro Wang will continue Fahrenheit.

  HIM Record reveals that, at the beginning of the year, Wu Chun has said he wants to spend more time to his family and said he "did not have any interest in singing and hoping to divert his focus on acting." HIM Records have had talks with Wu Chun and underlined several times that in the future, there will be more developments to Fahrenheit, in their efforts to maintain Wu Chun. However, Wu Chun has decided to leave, thus, HIM Records only hope that Wu Chun can have a successful career.

  Effective immediately, all the scheduled performances Fahrenheit, support, and the album will be submitted to Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen to be resolved, Wu Chun will only complete the activities that had previously been agreed by us, under the provisions of the contract.

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Wu Chun is married with a baby!

Wu Chun (吴尊) is married and has a four-month-old daughter!

His wife, 31, pictured, is his high school sweetheart and the two have been together for 15 years!
Pardon the exclamation marks, but it does amaze me (it shouldn’t by now!) when celebs are found to be cheating and lying to their fans!

Wu’s neighbors in Brunei confirmed the Fahrenheit boy band member’s marital status has long been an open secret in the Chinese-speaking community.

To protect the “honor of Brunei,” they said they didn’t expose him in case his popularity waned!
Wu’s manager Lu Shu-chuan (呂淑娟), however, denied the rumors!

He said news of this kind has been circulating for years and Wu himself is confused about it, as he does not have time to get married and have kids!

Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Aaron Yan's Open Concert Touched The Heart Of Fans.

June 11 Taipei :

     Taiwan's HeartThrob Aaron Yan held a concert "Touch and Go" 《一觸即發》 today at National Taiwan University Gymnasium , many fans come out for support , tickets were already sold out fully,and many of the fans who were unable to buy the tickets were standing at the door asking that if someone is willing to part with their's so that they can go and support Aaron's first solo concert.
    The Concert begin with first showing a VCR , then Aaron Yan appeared on stage followed with cheers and screams from his fans. He first sang "The Next Me" 《下一個我》 and then sang successively two rock songs "Mad World" and 《開門見山》;Aaron Yan said, "Preparing for this concert day, from the day of release to this day [Today] have been very fast, but I feel a bit uneasy,especially with the audience having loads of fans."

    Aaron's face looked very moved and he even paused for a while, a little bit lost for the words, said : "Everyone has their own Idols and me too ! Then there are some my predecessors , I want to sing for everyone the way here."

    After he finished the first row of the songs , he bring more pleasant suite for the Audience, including "She listened to my concert,"《她來聽我的演唱會》, "Practice," 《練習》、" Sorry - Thank you", 《對不起謝謝》,"I'm not sad," 《我不難過》、"Falling Leaves",《落葉歸根》、 "Hello good" 《你好不好》 and "Silent Flowers " 《無言花》, and then also sang with Olivia , Aaron Yan :" Thank You for adding more colour to my concert. " Olivia said : " This is our first collaboration, thank you for inviting me. "


        The Wu Chun, Han Geng and Barbie Hsu (Tsui Hei Woon) starred action romance MY KINGDOM (DAI MO SUN) released its first Hong Kong poster. Although the film has wrapped for awhile, Wu Chun and Han Geng's brotherly love has not faded. This time they reunited for the poster and could not stop chatting after seeing each other.

     In the poster Wu Chun and Han Geng had to wear their costumes and Beijing Opera costumes in the film and hold spears and sabers that Beijing Opera frequently used. Because before the shoot they spent three months to study Beijing Opera basics and martial art actor fighting, when they put on their Beijing Opera costumes and weapons, they seemed to immediately become martial art actors and were reminded the production.
They performed several Beijing Opera moves and looked very convincing. Suddenly they caught the acting bug and in the studio they traded blows. Due to the small studio that was filled with lights, the photographer was worried that they would destroy the lights and could only ask them to stop. They could only continue to work. The entire shoot took six hours to complete. Although they performed many jumps and wielded weapons, they saw how ideal the result was and thought it was worth all the hard work.

Aaron Yan Tracked For An Hour

      Fahrenheit attacked from time to time by dissolving the disease, members seem to have a strong immunity, has grown used to this spell, and will not be met with embarrassment, Aaron said: "Fahrenheit is like a sign, the brand, we will not abandon the brand" But. all 4 of them are honestly busy with their solo projects, spend more time abroad than in Taiwan, the notice also went to Japan in September to promote Taiwan tourism.
Wu Zun have time this year with the album Fahrenheit? He wants to complete the two projects and films, drama "sunshine angel", and also promoting the film "My Kingdom", turning the mind tired, frankly: ". This year did not have time to make notes"

     Aaron's last trip to Seoul, was approached by the people two days in a row, and "men and women-take-all", he said: "A girl followed me all the way more than 1 hour, live in Korea, said:" I think you "and also leave Face Book ID for the member of staff" He also met with the foreign boys who firmly said: ".. You look really too beautiful"

     Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Calvin went to the east gate to buy clothes, recognized and surrounded by hundreds of fans, want to buy rice cakes on the street, but there are ways to go. Wu Zun eating beef, lost to the store only sells pork barbecue, the more he was very angry.