Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Wu Chun is married with a baby!

Wu Chun (吴尊) is married and has a four-month-old daughter!

His wife, 31, pictured, is his high school sweetheart and the two have been together for 15 years!
Pardon the exclamation marks, but it does amaze me (it shouldn’t by now!) when celebs are found to be cheating and lying to their fans!

Wu’s neighbors in Brunei confirmed the Fahrenheit boy band member’s marital status has long been an open secret in the Chinese-speaking community.

To protect the “honor of Brunei,” they said they didn’t expose him in case his popularity waned!
Wu’s manager Lu Shu-chuan (呂淑娟), however, denied the rumors!

He said news of this kind has been circulating for years and Wu himself is confused about it, as he does not have time to get married and have kids!

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