Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Aaron Yan Tracked For An Hour

      Fahrenheit attacked from time to time by dissolving the disease, members seem to have a strong immunity, has grown used to this spell, and will not be met with embarrassment, Aaron said: "Fahrenheit is like a sign, the brand, we will not abandon the brand" But. all 4 of them are honestly busy with their solo projects, spend more time abroad than in Taiwan, the notice also went to Japan in September to promote Taiwan tourism.
Wu Zun have time this year with the album Fahrenheit? He wants to complete the two projects and films, drama "sunshine angel", and also promoting the film "My Kingdom", turning the mind tired, frankly: ". This year did not have time to make notes"

     Aaron's last trip to Seoul, was approached by the people two days in a row, and "men and women-take-all", he said: "A girl followed me all the way more than 1 hour, live in Korea, said:" I think you "and also leave Face Book ID for the member of staff" He also met with the foreign boys who firmly said: ".. You look really too beautiful"

     Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Calvin went to the east gate to buy clothes, recognized and surrounded by hundreds of fans, want to buy rice cakes on the street, but there are ways to go. Wu Zun eating beef, lost to the store only sells pork barbecue, the more he was very angry.

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