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Jiro Wang

  • Name: 汪東城 / Wang Dong Cheng
  • English name: Jiro Wang
  • Also known as: 大東 / Da Dong
  • Profession: Actor, singer, and model
  • Birthdate: 1981-Aug-24
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Star sign: Virgo
  • Blood type: O
  • Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd. 可米製作 
Jiro Wang was born August 24, 1981, in Taiwan. He graduated at Fu Shin Trade and Arts College with a degree in Advertising Design. After his graduation, he dedicated his life towards the entertainment business. He was first asked to join the entertainment business because he showed his looks at a competition. BMG, the label that signed him, planned to package him with Jay Chou and Jordan Chan to form a boy band called 3J, but, because of 9/11, BMG's stocks crashed and the 3J plan was scrapped. Jiro then decided to continue his career in the industry by working backstage, mainly in charge of fashion designing and other designing necessities, as well as commercial modeling. He was approached again around 2004, when his acting career began.
He speaks fluent Taiwanese and Mandarin and understands conversational English.
He used to play in an underground band named Karma as the lead singer. They have performed a song called 人間逃亡記 with lyrics composed by Jiro. After that, the band changed the name to Dong Chen Wei (東城衛) without changing the members in the band. The band never received much popularity until Jiro joined Fahrenheit.
When he was 18, his father died, leaving him with his mother to pay the family's debt. This forced him into the commercial and modeling industry. The commercials he has appeared in include one for 蒙牛酸酸乳 Mengniu (a yogurt brand) as part of Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit features in ‘酸甜’(Suan Tian) (among other songs) with the Taiwanese girl group S.H.E Jiro will start acting in a new horror movie The House, director Hang-Sang Poon(who directed A Chinese Odyssey, Huo Yuanjia, CJ7, Ip Man) and special effects by Johnny(who worked for Batman 1-2, Troy) from 20th March. His co actress will be Dong Li Ya (Yaya).

At 2003:
-Spicy Teacher

At 2004:
-Pawnshop no.8

At 2005:
-It startes with a kiss

At 2006:
-Hanazakarino Kimitachihe

At 2007:
-The X-Family
-They kiss again

At 2008:
-Rolling Love

At 2009:
-Momo Love
-KO 3.an Guo

At 2011:
-Sunshine Angel

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