Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Hudreds of Teenage Girls cried because Jiro Wang

At hollywood,there is Justin Bieber who always make sensation at meet the fans. At Taiwan,there is Jiro Wang who meet the fans at GuangZhou,China. 

About 3,000 people flooded the area designated as the venue.

The plan the event starts at 2 pm and takes about four hours. But for one reason or another, Jiro  make it late at 4 p.m

Just a half hour walk, the Guangzhou public security to stop the event by turning off the lights.

Jiro was forced to leave in order to disperse the fans. Bright, blaring screams of teenage girls who do not accept and feel let down.

The crying too loud. Chaos is inevitable. The manager asked for a minute to go but received a very curt answer.

"You are responsible if somebody dies!"

So threatened, they could not do anything. Fahrenheit team was carrying around 200 people left the hotel by using four fleet of buses to continue the autograph session.

With all the limitations, the event was closed at half past eleven at night. Not embarrassed by the fans who let down, Jiro later apologized through WeiBo account (sort of Chinese Twitter-ed).

"Because too many people coming, being stopped in the middle. Sorry to make you worried and uncomfortable. I promise I'll come back here as soon as possible, "said actor It Started With A Kiss this.

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