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Fahrenheit's Photos Edited By Me

Fahrenheit's Photos Edited By Me
              Hi Guys,there are a few photos that i was edited. Actually i have 841 photos of Feilunhai. But i just edit a few of them.I just edit the effect and give them a text. I like simple editing. Post a comment ya if you like or dont like it! Thanks before guys :)

  This is a photo when they got an award

 This is Jiro Wang's photo 4 or 5 years later (Sorry im late)

Jiro Wang when say "HI" to his fans

Jiro Wang when get cake when his birthday

Fahrenheit when got a concert for their 4th Album

Fahrenheit photoshoot

Fahrenheit photoshoot

Jiro Photoshoot

Wu Chun photoshoot

 Jiro Wang and Tong Li Ya at "The House"

Calvin,Cyndi,Jiro when promoting Momo Love

Jiro Wang

Jiro Wang and Tong Li Ya when promote "The House"

Jiro Photoshoot

Jiro and Tong Liya scene on "The House"

Fahrenheit on "Fahrenehit Fantasy Tour Taipei Special"

     Thanks for watch :) Post a comment or like please ;) Thankss :D

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