Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Jiro Wang replaced Wu Chun at Absolute Boyfriend

Initially Absolute Boyfriend drama will be played by Goo Hye Sun and Wu Chun. But then, the role of Wu Chun will be replaced by Jiro Wang, Taiwan actor who also comes from the boy band Fahrenheit.

Goo Hye Sun candidly expressed, "I did not Expect the male leads to be Replaced, so I was a little disappointed. However, I decided to continue Because I really like the script, and I'm going to put all my whole effort into acting. "She added," In the past, I shot a music video with Taiwan tourism Fahrenheit. At That time, I felt Jiro That was a very restless person. He always made ​​the atmosphere so pleasant. "

Wu Chun said that he let go of his role because it does not fit with the character who played.

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