Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Jiro Wang Bare It All For Absolute Boyfriend

According to media reports hongkong, Jiro Wang will play a new movie with actor artist
"Boys Over Flowers" Goo Hye Sun, they will play the film "Absolute Boyfriend"

The film is actually played by Wu Chun is about puppets
were created especially like humans and are very loyal to her lover (his master).
In this movie there are scenes that require Jiro Wang to wear tights.
"These pants look much like baby diapers, so ashamed I do not want people to see me
in these pants "

And they must be close together and meet face to face "Sorry". Jiro Wang said,
"I was very heavy. Fear die objection" But, even so, Goo Hye Sun said:
"I'm not ashamed at all. " "I want to shoot a scene perfect, but if the actor
not comfortable with it, then I can let it cover a little more That
depending on the level of acceptance .. "said the director of this film.

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