Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Calvin Chen admits relationship with Joanne Tseng

Calvin Chen admits relationship with Joanne Tseng

Calvin Chen,a memebr of Taiwanese boyband ever says that he wanted to get married before 31 years old. Bu think that the wedding bell dont want bell to Calvin.

Thats all because of his girlgriend,Joanne Tseng. Who still not ready for marriage plans yet. When he came from his friends wedding,he say that he feel very touched. Then he wrote on his blog "I'm really touched as I watched him said his vows on stage. Hope you guys will live happily!"
 Then,many people ask him,"When is it to be your turn?" 

At the conference book, on the question again about her wedding plans. When in question whether Joanna is the criteria, he said that he was fit to be a good friend. "He's always there when I need it ... well we just good friends "

Calvin finally gave up because of the pressures and questions of journalists, then he said
"There are 2 kinds of good friends, people may have a relationship that is more ambiguous than others"

He still has not admitted directly on to do with Joanne. Joanne is busy in China
"We have not seen each other for 2 months now"


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