Selasa, 27 September 2011

Aaron Yan Appeared In Hong Kong To Attend A Charity Event; Will Maintain A Balance Between His Future Development In Singing And Film

Aaron recently appeared in Hong Kong, he was invited to attend the Benefit Dinner for the "Gala Spectacular". Days before, Aaron was warmly welcomed in Shanghai by thousands of fans. In Hong Kong his high popularity did not falter, as he became one of the singers who received the loudest cheers from the audience that night. 

The annual "Gala Spectacular" Benefit Dinner was recently held at the Hong Kong Coliseum, The evening was hosted by the Hong Kong television station TVB. Artists invited on the night included Miriam Yeung, Aaron Yan, Jeff Chang, Leo Ku and other popular singers to help out a public, in the hopes of using the appeal of the artistes to raise funds for charity.

On the night, Aaron Yan appeared on stage with sponsor Po Leung Kuk and consultant De Chen Yongkun. His appearance immediately received loud cheers from the audience. Aside from using his musical abilities to announce the hotline to the audience, Aaron also performed two songs from his own EP, singing “The Next Me” and “Suddenly.” Though they were both Mandarin Songs, however fans in audience sang along with great enthusiasm. When interacting with other stars on stage, Aaron was both courteous and humble, creating deep impressions for everyone who came on the night. Many special guests also wanted photos with Aaron.

In May this year Aaron Yan came to promote the debut of his mini album “The Next Me” here in Hong Kong. Recently, the news of thousands of fans appearing to welcome Aaron to Shanghai had become a hot topic, and the enthusiasm in Hong Kong is no less- Aaron’s trip in Hong Kong from beginning till the end, was met with the highest and warmest enthusiasm from fans.

After the event concluded, Aaron was interviewed. During which he thanked everyone for their support and enthusiasm, in addition he once more appealed to everyone to lend a helping hand to support charitable causes. Fans were left excited and surprised as Aaron also revealed in the future he will be coming to Hong Kong more often for work. When asked about his upcoming work plans, Aaron replied he has been in contact with a number of film and television scripts. In the future he will be putting an equal amount of priority in both singing and acting.

After finishing his work in Hong Kong, Aaron will be reuniting with his Fahrenheit band mates as they rush to Japan to hold a “Fahrenheit” Meet and Greet Concert. As seeing Fahrenheit together has become more rare, their appearance in Japan is bound to set of a wave of craze in Japan.

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