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[2011-09-12] Wu Chun's Interview At Shaw Lido, Singapore

Wu Chun during our interview session.

Wu Chun in the zone

By Naseem Randhawa

Wu Chun arrived in Singapore last week to promote his latest movie "My Kingdom" which he stars with alongside Barbie Hsu and Sammo Hung. In conjunction with his arrival in Singapore, an exclusive screening was also arranged for his fan club, where they had the opportunity to watch the movie and meet the 31-year-old budding star. Wu Chun arrived at the packed Shaw Lido around 9pm for a short stage appearance where he waved and greeted his throng of screaming fans. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Cinema Online managed to catch the popular heartthrob for a one-on-one interview and here's what he had to say:

Cinema Online interview with Wu Chun conducted on 12 September at Shaw Lido, Singapore. 

Q: What is your most memorable experience during the filming of "My Kingdom"? 
Wu Chun: It was the scene when we started to avenge our master and fought with Yu Rong Guang (Master Yue). We shot that scene for 3 days without much sleep. It was quite exhausting, but none of that compared with Sammo Hung. He even fainted at the filming set due to exhaustion. After he regained his consciousness, he still continued with the filming. We were influenced by his drive, and even if we were tired, we didn't feel it as much. 

Q: How is your character in "My Kingdom" different from the previous characters you've played?
Wu Chun: The characters that I played in the past were more introverted and cool. I chose this character as I want the audience to see a different side of me. This character is more arrogant and open. Also, this movie is about Peking Opera, and I learned a lot from filming, it was something really different for me. 

Q: You are someone who would apparently take some time to get along with a stranger, so how did you and Han Geng bond so well in this movie? 
Wu Chun: Actually Han Geng is quite an introverted person. And my character in the movie plays his elder brother, so I had to take more initiative. And with the character's open personality, I had to change my mind set to initiate communication with him.

Wu Chun meets his fans that come with flowers and gifts for him.
Q: You had an intimate scene with Shizuka Inoh, can you share your experience on that with us?
Wu Chun: It's a new experience. But I learned that no matter how bad or how wicked the character is, it is just a character in the movie. So I don't really feel embarrassed or what so ever 

Q: What have you been busy working on currently?
Wu Chun: I am busy filming a new movie "Saving General Yang" directed by Ronny Yu who made Jet Li's "Fearless". It is quite a big production and I play one of the main casts, in the star-studded movie that includes Ekin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Jai Jai (Vic Zhou), Adam Cheng, and some actors from Mainland China. 

Q: Will you continue to pursue roles in the martial arts genre?
Wu Chun: It depends. I can accept other genres as well, but martial arts attract me a little bit more (laughs).

 Q: Since this is the first time you are collaborating with Han Geng, Sammo Hung and Barbie Hsu, is there anything interesting that you would like to share with us? 
Wu Chun: In this movie the brotherhood between Han Geng and me is rather deep, so there's a need to build that relationship. I really appreciated Sammo Hung for sharing his story on his friendship with Jackie Chan. He mentioned that they can hold hands on the street and they can even shower together. Their relationship is so close. Therefore Han Geng and me are supposed to resemble them in the movie.

 "My Kingdom" is now showing in Malaysia & Singapore!

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